How Much Can I Tint My Windows? Best Window Tints UK 2023

How Much Can I Tint My Windows? Best Window Tints UK 2023

What is window tinting?

Window tinting, a technique involving a special film application to window surfaces, offers benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced privacy and theft protection
  • A sophisticated aesthetic enhancement for your car
  • Reduced glare from fellow road users
  • Shielding from the sun’s UV rays, which is advocated by The Skin Cancer Foundation to combat harmful rays, prevent tanning, premature ageing, and potential skin cancer development
  • Improving driving conditions in direct sunlight
  • Potential glass shattering prevention during accidents due to the adhesive film.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentages depict the window tint spectrum, meaning a 15% tint allows 15% of light through. A 'limo tint', frequently utilized by limousines, has a 5% VLT.

Choosing Vantom for your window tinting guarantees high-quality window tints, ranging from 5% to 70%, professionally installed by our team. Explore the best window tint options in our article.

How Much Can My Car Windows Be Tinted?

UK Regulations for Window Tinting:

You may be pondering, 'How much can I legally tint my windows?’ Compliance with legal guidelines is paramount.

Front Windows Tinting Regulations:

  • For vehicles first utilized after 1 April 1985, the front windscreen must allow at least 75% light through, while front side windows must permit at least 70%.
  • Vehicles in use before 1 April 1985 require the front windscreen and side windows to allow a minimum of 70% light penetration.

Non-compliance can result in penalties. Selling or installing non-compliant glass is unlawful, as is selling a vehicle with such glass.

Excessive tinting poses risks by limiting driver visibility, endangering passengers, drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. Police may utilize light-measuring tools to assess tint levels in non-compliant vehicles.

Back Windows Tinting Regulations: No specific legal requirements exist for rear window or back passenger window tinting.

Vantom provides legally compliant window tinting advice and options, adding a touch of elegance to your vehicle. Explore alternatives below for more options.

Additional Choices for You

Car Light Tints: Light tinting for your vehicle, applying film to front and rear headlights, not only augments aesthetics but also minimizes heat from your lights while maintaining over 90% light emission. Explore options here.

Chameleon Tints: Chameleon tints, with their vibrant, dynamic colour-shifting properties, reflect various colours throughout the day while maintaining traditional window tint benefits.

While chameleon tints are legal and adhere to the 75% light passage rule, incorrect or excessive tinting can result in penalties. Ensure legality by entrusting your chameleon tint installations to Vantom, ensuring stellar results and legal compliance.

Additional Legalities and Maintenance: Considering any of our tinting options? Engage with your insurer to ensure no impact on your policy and inform them post-installation.

Tinting won’t cause an MOT failure unless exceeding legal limits.

Maintaining your tints involves gentle cleaning, avoiding harsh chemicals, and abstaining from using abrasive cleaning tools. Specific cleaning tips include using car window-specific sprays and soft cloths, avoiding paper towels, and steering clear from frequent hand contact.

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