Here at Vantom we have perfected the art of calliper painting here in our unit based out of Congleton, Cheshire. We use a 3 stage process which can be done or off the vehicle to ensure a perfect finish every time.

If your callipers are new or a bit dated and rusty, then we can paint your callipers and give them a like new appearance to make your vehicle stand out or give it an OEM look.

Paint Process

  • Decontamination process
    This preparation process involves a full decontamination of the caliper, including dirt and grime removal, brake dust removal and other embeded chemicals.

  • Calliper Sanding and Preperation
    We sand down the calliper prior to painting to give the paint a good surface to stick to and mask off any important components of the brake system and suspension.

  • Painting Process
    To ensure that the paint lasts, we first paint the calliper with an etch primer to ensure the paint will not lift or delaminate. We follow this by painting your desired colour using a 2k paint for harder and longer lasting results. Once this has flashed off, we then apply 2 layers of a 2k clear coat onto the calliper paint to ensure a hard finish and then bake this using a lamp to speed the cure process.

  • Finishing Process
    Once the paint has cured, we de-mask and clean the area followed by the wheels going back onto the vehicle and torqued to factory settings.
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Calliper Painting

Calliper Painting

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