Our washes are based on quality results and our own products to ensure a great shine every time. This entitles you to UNLIMITED car washes per month.*

Fair use policy applies. Please see terms and conditions for more info. Commercial vans, vehicles, machinery or agricultural vehicles are excluded from this service.

  • Whats Included

    • Exterior cleaned using 2 bucket method
    • Lambs wool wash mitts to prevent or reduce scratches
    • Alloys wheel faces cleaned using separate bucket
    • Towel dried

  • Extras (On The Day)

    • Tyre Shine - £5
    • Protection - £10
    • Tar Removal - £10
    • Fallout Removal - £10
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Vantom Unlimited

Vantom Unlimited

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  • Fully Insured

  • Professional

  • Quality Guarantee

  • Quality Equipment


What is Vantom Unlimited?

Vantom Unlimited is a booking subscription based car wash model designed to ensure your vehicle is always cleaned to a high standard. This will allow you to get your car cleaned regularly for a set price per month.

No matter if you come once a month or once a week, you will only pay £30 once a month.

*Fair use policy is in effect.

Whats included in this wash?

With this wash, it only tackles a quick exterior clean on the outside of the vehicle.

We pride ourselves on reducing scratches on the vehicle by using professional techniques and equipment.

  • Exterior cleaned using 2 bucket method
  • Lambs wool wash mitts to prevent or reduce scratches
  • Alloys wheel faces cleaned using separate bucket
  • Towel dried

How often can I get my vehicle cleaned?

We say that it is unlimited, but impose a fair use policy.

For example, if you have your vehicle cleaned, then you come back the next day and it is relatively clean, then we will reject the clean.

This is because other customers who have a soiled vehicle will not be able to use the service.

If this is abused, we reserve the right to terminate your subscription.

What extras do you offer?

We offer the following extras on the day.

  • Tyre Shine - £5
  • Protection - £10
  • Tar Removal - £10
  • Fallout Removal - £10
  • Clay Bar - £30
  • Engine Clean - £30
  • Plastic Dressing - £20

Do you offer interior cleans?

Yes we do offer interior cleaning packages.

As we like to keep a professional approach to our cleans, it takes a lot longer to complete an interior clean and therefore we require a seperate booking for this, which starts at £40.

Exterior cleans are a lot quicker and easy to complete hence we only offer a subscription for exterior cleans.

What vehicles are not covered under this?

We do not support commercial vans, trucks, lorrys, machinery, agricultural vehicles or any sort.

This is based on general consumer vehicles such as hatchback, saloon, coupe, convertible, small 4x4, large 4x4, mpv and supercar.

What benefits do the extras offer?

We will explain each extra below:

Tyre shine - used to enhance the gloss and black to give a new tyre look.

Protection - This is a coating applied through the lance to give hydrophobic and gloss properties and provides longer times required between cleans.

Tar removal - After you clean your vehicle you may notice black or dark brown deposits on the vehicle. We use our own in house chemicals to remove these deposits to give you a clean vehicle.

Fallout removal - Your vehicle may have fallout on it if you clean it and when you rub your hand over the paint and feel lumps or if you look at a vehicle and see little rust marks or iron. With out products, we remove these.

How do I book in after I have purchased?

When you purchase the Vantom Unlimited subscription, you will be sent a link in which you can book your vehicle in for its cleans.

If you lost your link, please contact us and we will provide you with a new link.