Anti Fog Window Film prevents condensation and can be applied to any flat, glass or polycarbonate surface. It can be used in many different environments such as commercial refrigerators, swimming pools, gyms and spas.

  • Hotels - Anti Fog can be applied to windows, mirrors, shower doors - anywhere that is subject to condensation in your hotel or office environment. The film prevents bathroom mirrors and shower doors from fogging, allowing your clients to get through their morning routines quicker and easier. It provides 100% visibility and can be cleaned with everyday household products. It also makes the glass windows and doors shatterproof by holding the glass in place in the event of breakage.
  • Commercial Refrigerators - Anti Fog is a low cost solution to address condensation problems for reach in refrigerator and freezer doors. Condensation occurs when the shopper opens the freezer door and stands with the door open while deciding if they want to buy the product. Anti Fog helps drastically reduce CO2 emissions and reduces energy costs. It is also scratch and mark resistant and is easily applied to existing units in store.
  • Swimming Pools & Gyms - Anti Fog is perfect for swimming pools and gyms. The film is durable and long lasting and unlike other anti fog coatings it will not lose its anti fog properties when washed or soaked with water when cleaned. It is cured under controlled conditions and common coating problems such as drips, runs and trapped dust are eliminated. It also helps keep glass in place in case of breakage.

Anti fog films from Coatintics offer an innovative solution to the persistent problem of fogging on glass surfaces. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, these films are a game-changer for maintaining clear visibility and safety. Our anti-fog films are designed to tackle condensation and moisture effectively, ensuring you have an unobstructed view at all times. Whether it's for your vehicle's windscreen, commercial freezers and fridges, windows, or even bathroom mirrors, our high-quality films offer long-lasting performance.

  • Permanent Anti Fogging

    When applied on the surface, the anti fogging capabilities will last for the full life of the anti fog film.

  • Protection

    The anti fogging film offers protection against UV, IR and will also keep the glass intact in the event of shattering.

  • Range Of Applications

    Anti fog film can be applied to various substrates such as commercial freezers, commercial fridges, mirrors, spas and more.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Anti fog film is easy to clean and requires no additional maintenance after it has been installed.


Ultraviolet transmission - 1%
Visible light transmission - 87%
Reflection of external visible light - 11%
Reflection of internal visible light - 11%
Total solar energy rejected - 18%
Solar energy reflection - 10%
Solar energy absorption - 14%
Solar energy transmission - 76%
Reduction in Solar Glare - 14%
Installation type - Internal
PET / PVC composition - PET
Thickness - 120μ (micron)

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