We have found a love for the Ford Transit Custom and have enjoyed modifying these vans for ourselves and for other customers who use them for personal and business tasks. We have a large range of products available and we can supply and fit these in our Unit based in Cheshire.

  • Protection

    Car wraps go over your paintwork, which protects it against stone chips, but also UV rays and chemicals.

  • Painting

    With so many colours to choose from in the car wrapping world, there is a colour for everyone and the customisation is limitless.

  • Wrapping

    Car wraps are not permanent unlike paint, so if you do get bored or want to resell the car later on, you can remove it leaving the same paint as you started with.

  • Alloy Wheels

    Wrapping your car can help maintain the paintwork as it is self healing as well for light scratches, meaning that even if you get swirl marks, most of these disappear with light to moderate heat and easy to clean.

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