How Much Does Window Tinting Cost In The UK?

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost In The UK?

The Essence of Window Tinting

Window tinting involves placing a special film onto your car's windows. This offers a barrier against sunlight glare, harmful UV rays, and an added layer of safety. Should an impact occur, this film can inhibit the glass from splintering, ensuring a safer experience.

What is VLT?

A crucial aspect of window tinting is understanding VLT or 'visible light transmission'. Essentially, VLT percentages denote how much light the tint permits. For example, selecting a 15% VLT indicates that 15% of light is allowed, blocking the other 85%.

Our Commitment at Vantom

Vantom isn't just a team of seasoned car customisation professionals, we provide a range of tinting choices, which adhere to the UK government's legal guidelines, ranging from 70% down to 5%. However, it's worth highlighting that while selling darker tints isn't illegal, applying them to specific vehicle parts is, which could lead to police intervention and potential penalties or mandatory tint removal.

Window Tint Longevity

The lifespan of window tints varies, typically lasting between one to ten years. This duration is influenced by:

  • The tinting brand and type chosen
  • Precision during the application
  • Avoiding interference post-application
  • Letting the tint set before adjusting windows
  • Steering clear of accidents

At Vantom, we only use the industry leading window tint from XPEL, which we guarantee to last a minimum of 10 years. We also offer a lifetime warranty as long as you own the vehicle and is not transferable so we are confident that it will last.

The DIY Tinting Debate

Opting to self-apply window tints might seem cost-effective. Yet, without prior know-how, it's easy to err, potentially incurring added expenses. Also, without expert guidance, you might inadvertently choose an illegal tint, which could mandate removal or damage vehicle components such as electronics and other structural parts.

Cost Implications of Window Tinting

Typically, window tinting costs hover around the £90-£250 mark for a cheaper tinting service with inferior quality tint which is likely to fade or bubble after 2-3 years. At Vantom, our rates span from £90 to £1150, influenced by:

  • Number of windows for tinting
  • Tint materials chosen (XPEL CS / XPEL XR PLUS)
  • Any additional work required for application.

While others might offer cheaper competitive prices, here at Vantom we guarantee unmatched care, quality, and dedication with each service.

Tint Types at a Glance

Window tints come with various film types:

  • Ceramic Tint: High-performing and houses nano-ceramic particles blocking nearly 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Metallised Tint: Boasts metal particles reflecting heat but can hamper mobile and radio signals.
  • Carbon Tint: Features a matte finish, offers UV protection and enhances vehicle cooling.
  • Dyed Film: Tinted using dyes, available in diverse shades.
  • Hybrid Tint: A blend of metallised and dyed tints, providing affordability and a distinct appearance.

Here at Vantom, we only use

  • Ceramic window tint (XPEL PRIME XR PLUS) - for its unrivaled, heat stopping capabilities (up to 96%) from the sun and 99% UV rejection.
  • Carbon window tint (XPEL PRIME CS) - as it is non metalised to prevent signal interference while stopping some heat (up to 12%), being more affordable and also preventing 99% UV Rays.

Choose Vantom Today

At Vantom, our passion resonates through the myriad of services we render to the Cheshire, Manchester, Stoke-On-Trent communities and beyond. We are fully insured and certified installers with over 15 years experience in the automotive sector, so rest easy knowing you are in safe hands.

We also offer window tints under Klarna so you can spread the cost over 3 monthly payments at 0% interest.

At Vantom, our mission is elevating your vehicle's persona. As we continue to expand our services, we're determined to offer unique, secure, and exclusive solutions.

We trust this guide not only answers the query, "How much does window tinting cost?", but also arms you with insightful information for your vehicle customisation journey.

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