Car servicing is an important part of ensuring that your vehicle is maintained and helps it last longer. Here at Vantom we take pride in servicing your car to a high standard and to the way you want.

We offer oil changes, interim servicing, minor servicing and major servicing for most vehicles on the road. We believe in servicing your vehicle the right way and to your way meaning we can use either OEM parts or a budget friendly alternative, this is entirely up to you.

Services Available

  • Oil + Filter Change - From £97
    We remove the old oil from your vehicle and change the oil filter and replace the sump bolt.

  • Interim Service - From £137
    We provide the above and top up your brake fluid, coolant, screen wash + complete a visual inspection of the vehicle including body, tyres, brakes and suspension.

  • Minor Service - From £187
    We provide the above + complete an air filter change and further comprehensive checks to your vehicle to ensure optimal performance.

  • Major Service - From £237
    We provide the above + change spark plugs, cabin filter, flush and refill coolant (if required), flush and refill brake fluid (if required).

  • Brake Changes (Discs, Pads) - From £60
    We can change your discs, pads or both at our unit here in Congleton. This includes ceramic brake grease applied to ensure high performance of brakes following our services.
  • Oil + Filter Change

    From £97

  • Interim Service

    From £137

  • Minor Service

    From £187

  • Major Service

    From £237

  • Enhanced Safety

    Regular servicing ensures that critical components like brakes, tires, and suspension are in good working condition, reducing the risk of accidents and breakdowns.

  • Improved Performance and Fuel Efficiency

    Routine maintenance, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and engine tune-ups, helps the car run more smoothly and efficiently, leading to better fuel economy and performance.

  • Extended Vehicle Lifespan

    Keeping up with regular maintenance prevents minor issues from becoming major problems, thereby extending the overall lifespan of the vehicle and maintaining its value.

  • Cost Savings

    By addressing potential problems early through regular servicing, you can avoid costly repairs down the line. Preventative maintenance is generally more affordable than fixing significant issues that arise from neglect.

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